Tirthan valley

The Tirthan valley

The Tirthan valley is a secluded valley in the Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh. Compared to other well-known spots in the area, like Manali, the Tirthan valley has preserved its charm and natural beauty.

The valley starts at the village Larji (or should we say ends), close to the Delhi-Manali highway and goes up to a high altitude place called Tirth, from where originates the Tirthan river in the Great Himalayan National Park. With your car, you can go up to the village Gushaini. Afterwards, you need to go on foot.

How to reach the Tirthan valley ?

The Tirthan valley is accessible from the Delhi to Manali highway. Just before the tunnel at the Larji dam, you need to take the same road going on the right. After crossing the dam and then 2 bridges you are in the Tirthan valley.

The main town of the Tirthan valley is Banjar which is about 20 km after having left the Delhi to Manali highway. Most of the tourist facilities are located after Banjar and before Gushaini.

From Delhi it will take about 12 hours drive to reach the Tirthan valley. If you can’t or don’t want to use your own vehicle you can either take an overnight Volvo bus or take a flight up to Kullu airport.

Where to stay in the Tirthan valley ?

There are no big infrastructures here but homestay and small guesthouses. Of course, we would like to recommend our homestay but we can also advise you of other places for other styles, other budgets or in case of unavailability in our Tirthan Eagle Nest.

What to do in the Tirthan valley ?

Well, as an offbeat destination, the Tirthan valley is the perfect place to chill out far from the crowd. One will mostly hike, roam around, take photos, sit there and there to enjoy the peaceful environment of the valley.

But you can also spend your time doing some interesting activities :

  • Trout fishing,
  • Day hikes (see here)
  • Trekking in the Great Himalayan National Park (see here)
  • Camping in the wild (see here)
  • Adventure activities (see here)
  • Observation of wildlife (see here)

Best time to go to the Tirthan valley

The Tirthan valley is accessible throughout the year, except perhaps during exceptional snowfalls. The scenery and landscapes are also worth being seen anytime. But of course, there are better times to come to enjoy a better climate.

The winters, from December to March, are quite cold. Most of the accommodations are hence closed. In case you want to stay in winter be sure to stay at a place where there is a wood stove. At the Tirthan Eagle Nest, our large wood stove and the fact that the house is efficiently insulated will allow you to visit us during winter and even enjoy snowfall.

Springtime is short. About a month around April. It is a very nice month for those who like to see nature blossoming after the winter. Many trees bear flowers and the fresh greens emerge from each and every corner of the valley. April is also the time when many migratory birds come back to the region. For those who like to see wildlife April is an excellent time to trek in the Great Himalayan National Park as the peaks are still covered by snow and hence many animals and birds take refuge in lower altitudes.

Summer, May and June, is the favourite season for many Indians who want to escape the terrible heat of the plains. The weather is pleasant, a bit hot on the days at the lower altitude, but it is a lovely time to trek and camp in the wild. See with Himalayan Ecotourism how we can entertain you in summer.

The monsoon is active in the Tirthan valley but it is quite moderate as the most intense rains happen over the first hills of the Himalayas. We do not recommend trekking during the monsoon but you can always pay us a visit and enjoy the beautiful game played between the mountain’s peaks and the clouds.

Post monsoon we have a very nice season : autumn. Deep blue sky, blond pastures, colourful forests clear water streams. From mid-September to late November is another great time to visit us.

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