Things to do near the Tirthan Eagle Nest

Wondering what to do apart from staying with us ? Don’t worry there are plenty of things to do.

Day hikes

Our homestay is close to some interesting places to visit in one day.

On foot only ? Leave the house and follow our local guide. He will take you for an easy day hike to Chehni Kothi, an impressive medieval watchtower, the temple of Shringa Rishi, and a very scenic point Miyagi. From Miyagi you can also walk through a forest of Himalayan Cedar to reach a natural waterfall.

If you are Hindi speaking, we can ask a neighbour to go along with you for the hike. He or she will let you know everything about the local lifestyle ! If not, don’t worry, we can ask Janisha to go with you, she knows all the trails and have a deep understanding of the local culture.


In a car and then on foot ? You have many options within 40 minutes drive. Amongst the most popular, you have the Jalori pass from where you can hike either to Serolsar lake or to Raghupur fort, the Chhoie waterfall in Sairopa or the hike to the GHNP park gate starting from Gushaini.


Trekking in the Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP)

The Park, which is recognized as a World Heritage site by the UNESCO lies just in front of our eyes. We have established Himalayan Ecotourism who is specialized in organizing treks in the GHNP.

There are treks for everyone in the GHNP ranging from easy to challenging. The shortest is the Rolla trek that you can do in 2 days. In 3 days you can do the Shilt hut trek of the Marahni trek. The best treks in the GHNP start from 4 days with Rakhundi, Nada Tach, Tirth or Raktisar, to name only a few.

Be sure to have the best services and equipment for your trek by going with us. Visit the GHNP section of our website.

Other activities

  • Camping in the wild
  • Chill out by the riverside
  • River crossing
  • Rock climbing – rappelling
  • Fishing

Enquire for more information or visit the Himalayan Ecotourism website.

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