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Get your little paradise in the mountains

An eagle’s nest, a little paradise in the valley of the Gods, surrounded by nature, at an altitude of 2000 m, just opposite the Great Himalayan National Park and its snow-capped peaks. The location is absolutely AWESOME.

This house was built with love, slowly, at a local pace, with hands. Each stone was cut on site. Everything was put together, with our neighbours, with great patience over an indefinite time, during winters and summers, in the rain or in the sun.

The design is from Stephan, a mountain lover inspired by local architecture, Swiss chalets and his imagination as a globetrotter.

Located in Himachal Pradesh between the Tirthan and Jibhi valleys in a tiny Himalayan village of about a hundred inhabitants. However, the house is isolated from the other houses. It’s quiet here; even the road does not reach us. In fact, the road ends 100 meters below, and a motorable path almost reaches the property.

Around the house are orchards, a forest and incredible wildlife.

Before seeing it, do you want to listen to the Tirthan Eagle Nest?

The outside

The main construction material for the outside is local stones with a slate roof. The main entrance of the house is accessible through a garden that has a plunging view of the Tirthan valley.

The stone walls hide a strong reinforced concrete structure; all floors are concrete slabs covered with wood.

The inside

The house has a very special design consisting of 6 levels connected by a stair. Each level is half a story.

It is a 5-bedroom house. Three of the bedrooms have attached bathrooms with WC. A fourth bathroom is available for everyone. The main entrance has a large hall for keeping your shoes and jackets. It gives access to the common washroom, the living room and an adjacent hall.

From the hall, you can access two bedrooms and either go downstairs towards the dining room or upstairs to reach the front balcony, another bedroom and the rear balcony.

Going further down leads you to two bedrooms, a lounge, a cellar and the kitchen, from where you can go to the garden.

The office and staff annexe

A prefab annexe is used as an office space where 3 persons can work. It has a kitchenette and a washroom. There is a second story with a sitting area and two bedrooms with bunk beds. So, a total of four people can sleep.

Floor plans

Level 1 and 2

Level 3 and 4

Level 5 and 6

The office

Outside sketch view

Structure of the reinforced concrete

More info

The house lies on a land that is around 2600 sq feet.

It is for sale fully furnished, ready to move in.

The water is supplied from a local mountain spring. It is drinkable from all the taps.

All electric fittings are good and the entire system is protected with a voltage stabilizer.

A Europe-made woodstove is the main heating system.

The mobile phone network is excellent and the internet allows good quality videoconference.

The local market for daily supplies is Banjar, 15 minutes drive from the house. Banjar also has a small hospital, a few doctors and a good private school.

For urban facilities, Kullu and Mandi are the closest cities at around one and half hour distance.


Please contact us for the price.

Village Bihar
PO Chehni
Banjar, Himachal Pradesh 175123

Video about the Tirthan Eagle Nest

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